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Gelatin plates - non-toxic versatile monoprints.
  How To:

Screenprinting Utubes


Gelatin Prints

carve rubber


PhotoEZ screen


LaserPrint Decal

1page/1snip Booklet

Pyramid Box Template

Blog Tute: De-colorant Printing

waterslide decals

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Thermal and Solar Printmaking

Books & Journals:
OnePage Cuts
Drum Leaf no-sew

Paper Engineering: Popups
Foldouts, foldins
Xtreme paper jets
Holiday Pop-ups

Pulp Fiction:
Made from Shred
Seed infused
Native Plants
Paper casting
Paper blasting

Molds 101
Plaster & Bisque
Flexible Rubber

A Transformational Technique for Paper or Cloth

 Gelatin printmaking makes beauty and is astonishingly easy. Simple as jello!
The process  inspires a spontaneity of color and texture, creating a surface that is unlike any other process.  Degas, Picasso and contemporary artists created an inventive array of beautiful works from the springboard of monotype.  
The sensitive gelatin is covered with ink, and then marks are made in the ink with found objects and stencils. Prints may be framed as is, further developed with other techniques, or used in other paper craft projects.

View The Cafe Tutorial:How to make and print a gelatin plate 
Prefer some hands-on guidance? We'd love to help! Please email to arrange your own printing party - our studio, or your location.

  Gelatin Plate Printing  Intro  Single Session, all materials included.
      Class for Kids    9 - 14, 3 hours $45.00        For Adults,  15 +up, 4 hours, $55.00        

 Gelatin Plate Printing  Intensive  3 session Workshop, 12 hours 
Age 13 and up 
   includes all tools and materials - inks, papers, your own gelatin plate, and bookbinding materials as well as use of brayers and other studio tools.
 Friday 6-8
    preparing the plates,  discussion & demo of mark making techniques, discussion of themes and Intent

 Saturday 12:30 - 6:00
   -  printmaking exploration with multi media development* snack break @ 3:30

 *Sunday 1 - 5
    -  create a basic bound book with your prints.

     *Book making workshops are also available separately/ $50.00 per person, four person minimum

Use different paper, inks, found objects, feathers, leaves, stencils, sumi-e brushes, fibers, tissue, net, screen, washers, keys, paper-cutouts



Heavy Cotton Blues

Script 69

burnt siennas

Moumin Rouge