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template for pyramid box

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Materials and Tools Checklist - 8.5 x 11 paper, scissors,  bone folder.  ta da!

Click the image to open a full page printable template for a gift box
4"  tall /2.25" square base.


Trace onto strong paper and cut outside lines. Slash between X's, score and fold along dotted lines and insert tabs to close box. TA DA!


We also offer res usable mylar templates to simplify the process

pyramid box 

petal box

pillow boxes







This is the simplest of several one-page booklets we make with a single sheet of paper.
You can scale it up or down, and use all kinds of paper, not just printer paper!
Fill the pages any way you like - write, draw, stamp, decoupage!
For kid's travel scrapbooks, use heavier stock and make a little larger so they can insert photos, postcards, and tickets collected along the way.

  This makes a cool journal for publication and mailing, too.

If you want a handful of the same booklet, design it on the computer and print before you fold&cut.
To do this you'll need to make a sample with printer paper. This is your prototype, your template.

Number the pages and draw an arrow indicating the top edge of each page when the booklet is folded.
Unfold it and use it as a reference when you design your piece.

Alternately, you can create a single original and then scan and print as many copies as needed. Simple to fold and cut afterward, and then you can add whatever hand embellishment you want - OR have time for!