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Craft is Community. Art is connection.  For people of all ages and skill levels - from young children and teens to adults and seniors  - the Creative Arts Cafe is a dynamic place to explore your creativity and allow your imagination room to roam.
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Wed  9:30 to 1
New Session Jan 10
*6 weeks

Painting Studio watercolor
Tuesdays  9:30 to 1
Starts Jan 10

Beginner to Intermediate

Wednesday AM,  10 to 1 TBA  $60.00 

Kids Classes


Paper Jewelry

Free tutorials

Cafe Nights

Class descriptions:

Gelplate prints
Block Carving
*more coming! stay tuned!

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Visit our creative arts cafe blog every now and then
to find easy projects
like this:
Instant Happy Notes :~)

made with simple cards and plantable diecuts

looking for hard-to-find supplies?
a few of our favorite things ~

Templates for creating handmade paper, tags, envelopes, lamp shades

Tools and toys for papermaking, including pour molds etc.

Seed embedded Paper goods (sheets and cardsize stock, templates for boxes)

 Take a break at the Creative Arts Cafe!
Discover, uncover, recover your own creativity.
 *Tuesday 7-9 is BYOB creative arts cafe night at DoArt studio~
come.as.you.are for a relaxing evening of creative adventure.

October through November: PAPER PLAY!  Making beautiful paper, and
making beautiful things with paper.
  • Fabulous cards and gift boxes
  • Unusual gift wrap
  • Wild fiber jewelry
  • Maybe some lampshades?
  • ... what do you want to make?

A new activity each session, served up with enthusiasm and herbal tea.
  bring a friend!  :~)  <*byob! Enjoy!

at the DoArtStudio  4780 NW 39th Ave.
  $25.00 per person per evening*
includes lesson & project materials.

Paper jewelry?  YES!
...and beads, wire,feather & fibe, shell and stone & !!

Butterfly cards CARDS- 

plantable, popups ...& more.PetalBox

LAST week : seed-embedded plantable
holiday cards!

  Next up: flowerface

 plantable gift boxes!

Really hope to see ya there! We think you'll have a blast!
Please sign up in advance if you will attend. Some spaces fill up fast, and other times we may all leave early and miss you.
finger What do you want to make?  There are SO many possibilities...
Events easily custom created to meet your interests on your schedule.
Seasonal Cards
Popups and Foldoouts
embossed & stitched

  Paper & fiber Jewelry
Mysterious Other:
*DIY Die cut w/ the Gazelle
*Concrete casting
thermofax screen printing
Gelatin Plate Printmaking
Doll making - soft sculpt /casting
Fine Arts
Drawing, Painting,Open Studio
Life Drawing, Botanical china painting
, decorative painting
sculpture in
plaster, clay, paper,
 Popups and Foldouts
lamps and lanterns
Xtreme paper jets!!
books, Journals: OnePage
 *DIY Decals
*ceramic decals
*on-glaze china painting
Molds 101
Plaster & Bisque
Flexible Rubber
Carving for casting
 booklets, ZigZag, Accordion, Drum Leaf no-sew.
gift rolls, wraps, boxes<
*Wild fiber jewelry
 Making Paper:
Native Plants   *recycled shred
Paper casting  *Paper sculpting
plantable papers
  *mixed media techniques
* hand and machine stitching
*complex cloth / art quilting

 *dying cotton, painting silk

"The world is so full of a number of things, I am sure we should all be as happy as kings"
~ r. l. stevenson             


 Want to see what we do with these toys?
Take a trip through our Gallery of Uniquities.
(coming soon...some is in place, some under construction. Please keep checking in!)