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Craft is Community. Art is connection.  For people of all ages and skill levels - from young children and teens to adults and seniors  - the Creative Arts Cafe is a dynamic space to explore your creativity and allow your imagination room to roam.  
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WORKSHOPS are a great way to explore a new technique. These are generally 2-3 hours, demo and hands-on experience.
WEEKLY CLASSES offer on-going in-depth discovery, allow students to develop their projects under guidance.

Papermaking PULP FICTION
Make beautiful paper. Make beautiful things with paper.

   5:30 - 7:30
Dec. 5

Magical transformation, as tiny bits of wet fiber turn into a flat sheet of paper.


101 ~ This two hour hands-on Intro to making Paper includes a short video presentation, a teacher demo, and then hands-on exploration of basic papermaking techniques. We will form sheets of handmade paper using pulp prepared from recycled office shred and cotton fiber. Explore further with a sampling of the wide variety of additional techniques and materials as time allows. Materials included

102 ~ more advanced techniques and inspirations like joining sheets, shrink forming and creating watermarks 

LOCATION: DOART Studios 4780 NW 39th Avenue in Magnolia Parke next to Starbucks

 watercolor studies
Thursdays  9:30 to 1
  Jan 25 through March 1
*6 sessions

 The painter should paint not only what he has in front of him, but also what he sees inside himself.
Caspar David Friedrich



Explore watercolor technique with a versatile palette of compatible core colors.    Directed instruction on watercolor techniques; discussion of brushes, papers, pigments, mediums, with an emphasis on principles of art and design for strong composition and informed color decisions. 
             Materials list sent on signup.

Drawing Studio
Mondays  9:30 to 1
Jan 22 through Feb 5
$ 150.00

It's TRUE! Anyone can learn to draw. And draw well Discover how to bring more energy and life into your work. Covers the mechanics of drawing, using pen, pencil, brush and graphite. Intro to fundamental principles of design ~ line, form, shape, value and composition.
  Upgrade your toolbox with one & two point perspective.
Review pattern and value Some basic anatomical proportions of the figure and face; some color theory and art history, discussion of realism/ abstraction.   
  - All skill levels.      Materials provided.

A Recipe Box of Mixed Media Techniques

2 day workshop

m t w t f s s Feb 3-4
9:00am -4:00pm

Tuition: $155; Studio Fee: $45
Materials included

Early Registration Tuition (Deadline January 15): $125

In this weekend workshop participants learn recipes for creating rich, beautiful surfaces on their acrylic paintings. Working on paper and museum board mounted to wood, students will experiment with techniques such as sanding,stenciling, and inscribing to add texture to their work.
A variety of mixed media will be introduced including color pencils and beeswax. Students are encouraged to explore and cook up as many combinations of techniques and mediums as this class offers (plus more), going home with a full recipe box of samples to inspire future work.      All Skill Levels.         Materials: Provided. You are welcome to bring your own, also.
early regist. plus studio fee

  Set up a class with family and friends at the Creative Arts Cafe   for a delightfully indulgent evening of relaxing creative fun. :~)  *byob! Enjoy!

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