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 About Our Kids' Art Program ~  Classes are offered long-term and set up to allow students to develop projects with enthusiastic encouragement and structured guidance. Class sessions are  4 week cycles and run all year round. If there is a holiday, class runs 5 weeks.   WORKSHOPS are a one-time commitment, and usually held on weekends.     
We are flexible about the age range to fit your family's schedule.     10% sibling discount
Due to the small class size, space may be limited, so please let us know if you are considering coming.  

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Ages 3-5    4:00-5:00 Tuesdays
Age 6-10   5:30 - 6:30
4 weeks, starts February 5th 
$40.00           Materials included.

 Each session includes a short intro with visual aids,  'stretch and shake', and then we get down to some serious play on big sheets of paper, sand printing, marbling, clay play, paper making and color & shape games.

(Age 3.5 to 6 years) 4 - 4:45
Storytime and an age appropriate fun project to build dexterity and eye-hand coordination as well as art skills and vocabulary.

  (Age 6-10)  - 5 - 6:00
An assortment of fun activities for this age group<- sand printing, marbling, clay play, paper makin, color & shape games.

  Note:  In general, drop offs are fine with us if your child is ready. If you choose to wait, please that caregivers are asked to remain out of sight during class.

Age group:

You Can Draw
Age 6 - 10   4:00-5:00   Mondays
Age 10-16   5:15 - 6:30 Mondays
$45/one session   $80/both      Materials included.

Feb 4 - February 25
BEGIN AT THE BEGINNING:In these first four weeks, we introduce the mechanics of drawing and four fundamental principles of design ~line, form, value and    c o m p o s i t i o n

March 4 - March 25   ADD TO YOUR TOOLBOX: focus on tone, pattern and value, with an introduction to one point perspective .
We will work on a still life arrangement from several viewpoints using pen, pencil and graphite.

Intro to color theory and art history, realism/abstraction, plus basic anatomical proportions of the figure and face.

$45.00 first session or  $80.00 for both.

Age group:

This class is available at short notice for a minimum of 3 students, and at discount for groups.

 Canvas Masters
Ages 6-15          10:00-12:00  Saturdays
4 weeks, starts February 5th
$185.00           Materials included.

Meet the Masters at the creative arts cafe!
A quality art enrichment class, stimulating and involving.
Each 4 week session, we will introducethe works and life of a different painter - Van Gogh, Picasso, d Kooning, Frida Kalo, among others - and then create works in their style working with acrylics on an 18 x 24 canvas.

Prerequisite: an ability to draw basic shapes
                     and an interest in art.
Dress for fun!

*Kids are welcome to stay for  Open Studio  to work on their paintings until 1:00.  At this time we may offer wheat/dairy/nut snacks and juice; if your child has special dietary needs please have them bring a little something.

Please call to schedule a workshop or party 
 (min. 4 participants)

Gelatin Plate Monotypes:
"Printmaking without a press"
3 hour activity              $40.00 per child
Ages 9 up                       (includes materials)

Embrace the adventure! Make some print magic! We'll demonstrate the making of our non-toxic gelatin plates and move into a FUN hands-on print session on ready-to-go plates working with an unusual assortment of mark making tools - feathers, string, washers, hand cut stencils & more - to create some unique artwork.

Exploration encouraged

 Class size ~ minimum 4/ maximum  8 

Please call to schedule a workshop or party
 (min. 4 participants)

BATIK Beginnings ~4  hour Workshop  $60.00

Ages 13 - 99                     (includes materials)

Hot and cold printed and painted resists on silk, cotton, and on mulberry paper, working with brilliant dyes. We will use the traditional tjantings and woodblock tjaps, brushes, and possibly some screen prints.

In studio- resists, printing inks, tjantings, djaps and brushes
Take home- Fabrics and papers

 Class size ~ minimum 4/ maximum  8 

Please call to schedule a workshop or party 
 (min. 4 participants)

 Screen Printed Metal Etching 101  $55.00  

Ages 13 - 99   (includes materials)

Create an original design with pen or brush, or use our instock stencils to apply resist medium, then etch your plates in a ferric acid bath to  image a metal plate.

Your finished pieces can be incorporated into a mixed media collage, into an artist book or backed and mounted for jewelry.

Class size ~ minimum 4/ maximum 10

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