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providing space, tools, materials, guidance  and cleanup for your creative playtime
Thursday 7-9 is 'make it and take it'  Cafe night
:~D  BYOB, baby, & your bf too.

FB fun!
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Personal Adornment:

 Frivolous and Fun earrings,
Beautiful mixed media necklaces

butterflies and beads 
 festive and  fun
light-weight  and

moons & Mothers...

symbols & signs

mermaid market

handmade papercast earrings with
stars and shells
...& more

   From $12.00

..'stonishing necklace...
p'aui shell,
sea glass,o rings.


 The cafe has drawers full of tiny surprizes.

We are delighted to show you how to use them.

Come play:   make your own unique
cards, books, earrings, ornaments...just ask!

Ultra fabulous long boho  Necklace:
unique  elaborate Beeyootiful.Like you!


Personalized table ware and ornaments, functional home decor
Custom tile paintings for kitchen & bath, mirrors, fireplaces, countertops
More images up soon! See them all at the cafe open house, Dec. 8th.

8x10 tile, Flying Pigs
hand painted kiln fired 8" x 10" tiles $45.00

Like the real Little Mermaid, these small spirits grow up by running errands for a thousand years..

 click any image to view larger.
8x10 tile, Tortoise
8x10 tile, Polar Bear 8x10 tile, Polar Bear 8x10 tile, Tortoise

hand painted porcelain sink
under-counter mount
oval sink 

hand painted pedestal sink
Ivy wrapped
pedestal sink  (SOLD)

   *more sinks soon!


Stepping stones         from $25.00
base colors  sand,tan, terra cotta, dark brown, black.
optional painted/ sealed   or natural

My garden, My spiritual retreat.

ROUND:   about 13" dia
  • OM symbol
  • Yin Yang
  • Buddhist wheel
  • Star of David
  • a href="" target="_new" title="Click to enlarge">double chalice
  • baltic cross
  • star and crescent

SQUARE: 12 x 12
Yes, we can paint your concrete sculptures.
Before....painted g8r
painted g8r

& after!



Decorative concrete work

Custom design, reasonable rates!

Playground Dinos ...Tree Support