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TO CONTACT US:  info@creativeartscafe.net  (352)472-1908  
Discover your own creativity ~  Take a break at the Creative Arts Cafe!
     ♥ CreativeArtsCafe ♥

providing space, tools, materials, guidance  and cleanup :~D for your creative playtime
The website is still under construction. (did you notice?) Please let us know of missing links etc.  Thanks!

Since the 1970s we've dreamed of being a part of a welcoming community for adventures into art. We explore with a wide assortment of tools, machines, materials and skills.  All you have to do is show up to play!
For those who cannot come out, we offer free tutorial pages and easy to order materials and tools for your own creative exploration.
Our parameters are simple: materials must be non-toxic to work with and to dispose of!*

In most workshops, novices will feel enabled and experienced artists, inspired.
Activities often overlap, one leading to another. For  instance, Handmade paper becomes a series of ATC or holiday cards. Your prints from one class may become a handmade book.  Small molds can be used to explore clay, paper, chocolate casting. Collage becomes the backdrop for multi-media with encaustic, fibre and found objects...

*We continue a life-long commitment  to working with non-toxic materials and are always investigating alternatives to proprietary costly art supplies. disclaimer...um, well, we can't resist everything - resins, for instance - but we research carefully to find the most environmentally sound alternatives.

If you are interested in taking a class, we would love to hear from you. Our minimum is four, so it's easy to get some friends together.  Otherwise, please check our calendar for open registration classes. You may sign up online or occasionally through a partner: SFCC, Cade Museum, Harne, Sprouts Learning Center.
Please, register early. Group size is limited, and we like to be sure we have enough materials on hand for everyone. Minimum class size is four, max is 8-10.

Classes are sequential, usually once a week for four weeks. 

Workshops are individual sessions, usually on weekends or during school breaks.


The ONE DAY WONDER class holds its own delight and surprises. You may find a session creating beautiful embossed cards, or learn basic popups and foldouts for your scrapbooking or artist book pages, or make a set of cranes in shining metallic paper to hang from beaded strings, or we might set up the encaustic and oil table Amaze your friends! Astonish your family! This time of year, we like to make seed-embedded papercast ornaments and mount them on holiday greeting cards - like sending the gift of a garden.

Our studio is just north of Jonesville, west of I-75 at 39th Ave. Mapquest us: keywords Creative Arts Cafe Gainesville.
Come with a friend, or come and make some. We guarantee your satisfaction :~D

Our SFCC classes are held at the incomparable DoArt Studios, in the Westgate Plaza, 3429 W. University Ave (on the corner of 34th Street)  Gainesville, FL 32607. The Cade Museum of Science and Invention Lab is on Depot Ave. and Second Ave.Classes or parties for younger children can also be arranged at the Sprouts Learning Center in Alachua.

Because adults need play time too. Because our lives are too full of doing for others. Because you are an artist and you need the opportunity to create Art. Spark your creativity and your confidence. Make your work more powerful! Because not everyone has a well-stocked workspace for art exploration.
Because seeing the sparkle in you makes us happy too.

What is Art?  Magic? Science? Neither, both...

The creative experience engages the whole brain, intuitive and analytic.  It's a stimulating workout, as new neural pathways develop. Other problems are shelved for a while...or transformed into your art...that is a source of great strength!

Building your skills and knowledge  feels g o o d     and it's fun, too.  Academically speaking, there are  really only a small group of elements and principles of design, which apply across the board from landscape design and architecture to scrimshaw and chocolate molds.  Ongoing discussions in class introduces and  demystifies artspeak and empowers your work. 

The process of discovery is ongoing and endless. 

 We hope you will take the opportunity to come out and play.


  Judy Funk