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Screenprinting Utubes


Gelatin Prints

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PhotoEZ screen


LaserPrint Decal

1page/1snip Booklet

Pyramid Box Template

Blog Tute: De-colorant Printing

waterslide decals

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Thermal and Solar Printmaking

Books & Journals:
OnePage Cuts
Drum Leaf no-sew

Paper Engineering: Popups
Foldouts, foldins
Xtreme paper jets
Holiday Pop-ups

Pulp Fiction:
Made from Shred
Seed infused
Native Plants
Paper casting
Paper blasting

Molds 101
Plaster & Bisque
Flexible Rubber

MAGIC! Basic materials are inexpensive, non-toxic, and clean up with water. The process is extremely versatile and is equally well suited for professional printmakers, home enthusiasts, professional artists, and young children.  
   No two prints are alike. The appeal lies in the unique translucency that creates a quality of light very different from a painting or screen print, and the beauty of this media is also in its spontaneity and its combination of printmaking, painting and drawing mediums.  

1. good gelatin, hot water, mixing bowl and deep cookie sheet or tray.    
2. inks,  brayer,  ink roll-out plate (glass is best)
3.  A variety of surface decorating tools  brush/ spritzer/string thread feathers washers stencils...
4. paper or fabric to print on. Remember to set up a space for drying!

 Our recommendation: the BEST Gelatin for Printmaking is our particularly  strong and clear gelatin. Strong 300-bloom variety is food-safe, and is an exceptional value ~ half the price of Knox (and not in those tiny 1/2 oz packets. rrgh!) Long shelf life at room temp or refrigerator if kept dry. Please allow 2 Tablespoons of gelatin per cup of water. May be remelted and pour up to 4 times. 

    STARTER KIT $10.25

  • 6T. packet BEST gelatin,
  • Printing Ink (Choice)
  • Foam Tray 6"x12"x2"
  • Vinyl Stencil Sheet- symbols
  • Peacock Feather :~)
  • non-latex disposable gloves (M)

Ink Choice

*CMY inkset: 1 tube each of Cyan Magenta & Yellow
Oil based inks. Cleanup w. soapy warm water.
A  LA  CARTE   Gelatin Printing Tools and Toys ~

BEST Gelatin

Excellent for gelatin plate printing. Food-safe, high bloom, clear; the most durable for print-making.
Please note: Gelatin can clog your drains but is great for your garden. 

 Ink  Brayer   $10.25
One Piece Plastic Frame
Pop-out replaceable 4" rollers.
A versatile tool for every studio.

 Mister $1.25

Compact, 4 oz. superfine-spray. Keeps water-based inks and paints open and workable.
Inks - 100 ml jars
Waterbased colorfast printing
 inks work well for pulling monoprints and screen prints.
May be mixed for more hues and can be diluted for spraying and dipping.
 Safe for sinks and septic systems.
  ...and a few more ...

 Stencil symbols
 $4.99  $2.99   5" x 8" Stencils

4 mil vinyl, gently adhesive. Peel off shapes and use the surround too for reverse images  :~) Re-usable 
*Glass etch instructions inc.

  $18.00 msrp    $10.95  Ink roll out mat  

smooth-as-glass 15" x 18"
work surface protects your work surface and makes cleanup super easy - rinse, dry and roll up for next time.
NOTHING sticks to this!  Acrylic, hot glue, clays, embossing powder
SO helpful!

 Heat Gun
$24.95  $12.25

   Light weight, reliable. Wave the magic heat over the surface of your gel plate to reset the surface.


RISO Oil -Based
printing inks
Many more delicious colors -
pearly or bright! These are
primarily oil based inks.


  (reg. $8.25/ea)
Card DryingRack

Two packs of 2 racks = 4 trays to hold wet prints upright for drying. Postcards to A7 size work best.

'Trim & Score'
$14.95   $8.95

Double ruled-bar & grip

*measuring bars fold out to accomodate large paper.  Comes with 2 sliders, one for razor sharp cuts, the other for scoring/creasing.